Site Furnishings

Whether your outdoor project style is contemporary or classic, we offer a variety of furnishings and amenities to accent any location. Our manufacturers focus on high quality and exceptional value, so you get products that will not only look good but will also last.

Products are made of various materials, such as:

  • recycled steel
  • cast ductile iron
  • recycled plastic
  • sustainable wood

With various colors and materials, we can match the setting and feel of your gathering space, so the fixtures complement and enhance the overall appearance. Plus, many products are ADA compliant or contribute to LEED certification, making the area both inviting to visitors and friendly to the environment.

As an extra service, we offer the following with our furnishings and amenities:

  • Concrete site amenities unloaded and placed at your location by our transportation firm
  • Custom colors available to match existing buildings and other fixtures
  • Specifications and CAD drawings available for all products at no charge
  • Receiving and installation services available