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​​We are the exclusive Representative of BCI Burke Playground Accessories in Wisconsin

Small touches can add to a playground, either providing more information, safety, or more fun for visitors. Our playground accessories include:

  • Signs
  • Sandboxes
  • Shade Canopies
  • Edging
  • ADA Accessibility solutions

Playground signs can be used to show the appropriate ages of use for the equipment, welcome visitors, or be customized to relate to the area or thank donors.

Our StoneBorders and playground edging was designed to be easily installed and remain virtually maintenance free for life. They fit in well with any playground design, and are made from 100% recycled plastic. In addition, the edging is weather resistant, aesthetically pleasing, safe, and cost effective. Use our wheelchair access ramp to add accessibility into areas with edging.

Besides keeping safety surfacing in place, the StoneBorders can also be used to create a sandbox. With various size borders, a custom sized sandbox can be created (based on 4' or 6' sections).

Tricycle Trails give kids an extra way to stay active and have fun, while creating a secondary border around the playground area. Add to the trail with street-style signs for increased safety.

Looking for more playground accessories? Check out our seating, tables, trash receptacles, and shade systems.

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