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Bleacher Seating | Best By Size
Bleacher Seating | Best By Size

Picking the right bleachers can be difficult, especially with the numerous standard and custom options available for length, number of rows, and number of seats. Since the custom options are limitless, we will focus on the standard bleacher options and how to choose which layout will work best for you. If you prefer to go with custom bleachers, the standard options can be used as a starting point in decision making.

Our bleacher manufacturer, JW Industries, offers 3 row, 5 row, 10 row, and 15 row bleachers in 19', 25', and 31' seat lengths. To decide which is best for your site, take a look at the site size (length and depth) and your desired seating capacity.

Bleacher Size Capacity Length Depth
3 Row, 19' 32 seats 19'-0" 4'-9"
3 Row, 25' 44 seats 25'-0" 4'-9"
5 Row, 19' 52 seats 20'-1" 9'-5"
3 Row, 31' 56 seats 31'-0" 4'-9"
5 Row, 25' 72 seats 26'-1" 9'-5"
5 Row, 31' 92 seats 32'-1" 9'-5"
10 Row, 19' 102 seats 20'-1" 19'-5"
10 Row, 25' 142 seats 26'-1" 19'-5"
15 Row, 19' 152 seats 20'-1" 29'-5"
10 Row, 31' 182 seats 32'-1" 19'-5"
15 Row, 25' 212 seats 26'-1" 29'-5"
15 Row, 31' 272 seats 32'-1" 29'-5"

To use this table for your site, look at your site size first. If, for example, your site was large enough to accommodate bleachers up to 10' deep and 30' long (with all bleacher codes being met), that would narrow down the options to include 19' and 25' bleachers in either 3 or 5 rows.

Next, look at the desired capacity. Keeping with the earlier example, if you wanted to have seating for at least 50 people, your options would be the 19' long 5 row and the 25' long 5 row.

Once you know which options work within your space, you can decide which one will work best for your space by looking at the pricing, features, and layout that you prefer. Our bleachers are manufactured by JW Industries, so they include the following features:

  • International Building Code (IBC) compliant design
  • American Disabilities Act (ADA) integrated seating
  • all lightweight aluminum construction
  • high quality, high tensile aluminum alloys
  • corrosion-resistant
  • maintenance-free
  • two-year warranty

They also include many additional options after you have chosen the bleacher model for your site. Bleachers can be custom configured to include double footboards or risers. They are all available in transportable options, including the tip n' roll kit for the 19' long 3 row bleachers, the hitch & wheel kit for any of the 19' long bleachers, and a dolly kit for all models.

Consider customizing the bleachers for team spirit with colored risers, seat planks, or guard rails to match the colors of the school, team, or park. Engraving is another custom option, great for thanking donors or welcoming visitors to the site.


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